Eduplanet21 to Become Act 48 Provider

May 4, 2017

Eduplanet21 is excited to announce that we have been named an approved Act 48 provider and that all courses in the Eduplanet21 Marketplace qualify for continuing education credits.

Act 48 requires all educators in Pennsylvania to complete a combination of 180 hours of approved continuing professional education programs. This approval will allow all educators and school districts in Pennsylvania to use Learning Paths, available in the Eduplanet21 Marketplace, to meet this requirement.

As a result of the approval, we are enhancing our Marketplace Learning Paths and how Pennsylvania educators access these Learning Paths for Act 48 credit, as well as automating reports so that receiving continuing education credit for educators and school districts using the Eduplanet21 platform, is easier and more efficient.

“We are so excited to announce that we are an approved Act 48 provider,” said Jeff Colosimo, Eduplanet21 CEO. “With this approval, we are further able to simplify the anytime, anywhere PD model we are striving to achieve.”

Eduplanet21 continues to seek approval to become certified providers in other core states across the US.

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