Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 and Bea McGarvey Bring Mass Customized Learning to Eduplanet21

Oct 8, 2018

Mechanicsburg, PA — Eduplanet21 is excited to announce the next step in their partnership with Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 and the resulting new Mass Customized Learning (MCL) Learning Module authored by Bea McGarvey. This partnership provides a foundational understanding of the cultural forces reshaping education and provide participants with the tools needed to adequately navigate the shifting landscape.

Appalachia IU8, a Pennsylvania based Intermediate Unit, offers professional learning opportunities to over 3,000 educators and administrators through a blended format while leveraging Eduplanet21 as a vehicle for virtual learning opportunities. “MCL is not an educational program, but a mindset shift about how schools should function. Placing the student at the center of everything that happens in schools is essential to assure they thrive in our society,” said Dr. Tom Butler, Executive Director of Appalachia IU8. “MCL offers the template for a new way of thinking for educators who want to create an educational system centered on empowering students.”

Bea McGarvey is the author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning, a book that explores the changing face of education by positing that Industrial Age educational structures that resemble assembly lines are going the way of their metaphorical counterparts. In their place, individualized education where every learner gets his or her needs met through customized learning experiences. While the change can sound frightening, McGarvey uses Inevitable and her expertise to demonstrate that the future of education is bright, promising, and attainable.

Eduplanet21’s new Mass Customized Learning Module Viable Learning Outcomes, the second of an eight-part series, addresses the challenges with forming a set of viable, manageable, and useful learning outcomes. Through this course, participants will increase their understanding and common language regarding the types of knowledge and taxonomy of learning, as well as enhancing understanding on how to organize learning outcomes in a way that enhances learning and enables effective feedback. “Bringing learner centered education for educators in an easy to access platform helps accelerate and make accessible customized learning to all,” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21.

As educators grapple with rapidly changing technological and social pressures, MCL training offers a path forward that is rooted in learner-centered approaches. Using these principles, the educators of the future will be able to combine technology and flexibility to create dynamic learning opportunities that reach every student.

About Eduplanet21: Eduplanet21 is an edtech company committed to personalized professional learning and curriculum design for K-12 educators. Eduplanet21 offers a cutting-edge software platform, the content needed to support your curriculum design and professional learning needs, along with the training and implementation services to ensure your specific goals are met.

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