Eduplanet21 Releases New Marketplace Solution

Oct 11, 2018

Eduplanet21 is excited to announce the launch of their new Marketplace and Marketplace Partner Program. This new solution will represent an improvement for all stakeholders affiliated with EP21 Learning Paths. Partners will be more visible to enhance their brand, value, and mission through Eduplanet21’s new Storefront component.

Eduplanet21 has amazing partners whose expertise, dedication to education, and years of experience make the EP21 Marketplace such a value for customers. The newly designed interface will allow Marketplace partners to showcase their Learning Paths in a personalized storefront setting. Each Storefront will be customized with the partner’s logo, an overview of their organization and their Learning Paths, and social media links.  Along with the new Storefront option, partners will also have access to Learning Path Builder with the ability to develop and publish Learning Paths to the marketplace.

These enhanced features will give Eduplanet21’s Partners the opportunity to direct their customers to their customized Storefront. This allows partners to expand into the digital world, reaching a wider audience, and helping Eduplanet21 become more responsive to the needs of their customers. “It is our belief that this improved interface will make partnering with Eduplanet21 a more rewarding experience for our partners and for customers who are searching for these important products,” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21.

In addition, the reorganized Marketplace will allow customers to find topic-specific content, and enroll in Learning Paths with ease. If customers have preferred partners, they will be able to easily locate their content, as well as browse the professional development options available to them with a clearer understanding of the services and perspectives that each partner brings to the table.  “By improving the methods through which we deliver content options, customers and content creators will be better positioned to connect and meet each other’s needs,” said Colosimo.

About Eduplanet21: Eduplanet21 is an edtech company committed to personalized professional learning and curriculum design for K-12 educators. Eduplanet21 offers a cutting-edge software platform, the content needed to support your curriculum design and professional learning needs, along with the training and implementation services to ensure your specific goals are met.

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