Eduplanet21 Partners with Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative

Oct 30, 2018

Mechanicsburg, PA — Eduplanet21 is excited to announce a new partnership with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI). This partnership will allow Eduplanet21 to offer their first Learning Paths in mathematics while giving SVMI a broader audience and the chance to bring their mission of improving mathematics instruction and student learning to a new group of educators.

SVMI is a comprehensive effort to improve mathematics instruction and student learning. This initiative is based on high performance expectations, ongoing professional development, examining student work, and improving math instruction. The initiative includes a formative and summative performance assessment system, pedagogical content coaching, and leadership training and networks. “We are thrilled to provide teachers with this online opportunity to engage in multiple mathematical progressions through the use of MAC/MARS performance tasks,” said Cecilio Dimas, Partner & Director of Innovation & Strategy with SVMI. “We hope that teachers across the country are able to deepen their understanding of mathematics, performance tasks, and mathematical practices while utilizing the collaboration tools provided by and in partnership with Eduplanet21.” Additionally, SVMI uses an Understanding by Design format for their curriculum approach. This means that their programming works to align with standards in a way that puts student understanding and achievement at the forefront of all instruction.

“This partnership with SVMI offers a crucial expansion into the field of mathematics, the first of its kind in our offerings” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21. “Since mathematics is often a key focus point for curriculum redesign efforts and state standards, we are excited to offer this important opportunity for educators to gain a deeper understanding of UbD-focused mathematics instruction.”

SVMI will be offering three separate mathematics Learning Paths all using Apprentice & Expert Tasks to analyze how mathematics progresses from one grade/course to another. These include Using Expressions & Equations to Model a StoryOperations & Properties of Arithmetic, and Number Frames, Arrays, & Area Models in Context. These Learning Paths can be taken in isolation or bundled together. These Paths offer educators the chance to learn instruction techniques and curriculum design principles that will ensure meaningful learning and focused student achievement in mathematics.

Eduplanet21 looks forward to bringing these offerings forward to provide even greater professional development opportunities for our growing base of educators and administrators.

About Eduplanet21: Eduplanet21 is an edtech company committed to personalized professional learning and curriculum design for K-12 educators. Eduplanet21 offers a cutting-edge software platform, the content needed to support your curriculum design and professional learning needs, along with the training and implementation services to ensure your specific goals are met.

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