Re-imagining Professional Learning with Habits of Mind

May 29, 2020

Before COVID-19 became a global crisis, many of the nation’s thought leaders partnered with Eduplanet21 knowing that virtual learning was inevitable and that schools would need a new and effective way of delivering professional learning. The Habits of Mind, developed by Dr. Bena Kallick and Dr. Art Costa, are a collection of 16 dispositions that are required when the situation demands problem-solving, critical thinking, and empathy. These habits serve us in responding to everyday problems as well as in a time of crisis.

See how Bena and Art are using their new Habits of Mind Professional Learning Institute from Eduplanet21 to create interactive professional learning communities. They have provided examples of how districts are using the Habits of Mind Institute to support instructional coaches, agency trainers, school leaders, and teachers around the world.

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