K12 Stimulus Funds and Eduplanet21

Beyond Air Purifiers and Hand Sanitizer


In March 2020, our world changed. Educators and students made a significant shift to 100% virtual learning. Since then, schools, districts, teachers, and students have adapted to new learning modes and requirements for health and safety. The government made funding available to assist schools with these pivots. Many schools focused on making purchases to support health and safety, which are critical to the school community. Now it’s time to invest in technology that will help “future proof” your curriculum and student learning.              That’s where Eduplanet21 comes in.

What do you mean by “future-proofing?”

In simple terms, we mean having your curriculum built in a platform that allows vertical visibility, includes establishing priorities, and that is flexible so your team can quickly make the shifts needed to educate your students when changes are needed. Allow one of our customers to share their story.

When COVID-19 shifted learning from school to home, Madison Public Schools leveraged its curriculum to create a level of equitable experiences in a digital learning platform. In a 2020 webinar Gail Dahling-Hench, Assistant Superintendent shares the story of how Madison Public Schools developed their emergency project plan borne out of a multi-year curriculum design process.

How can I use ESSER funds for the Eduplanet21 platform?

Our full suite of solutions are considered allowable uses for ESSER funds. You can build your curriculum – from courses to units to lessons and support your team with professional learning. Topics include differentiation, social emotional learning, and more.

Eduplanet21 will be delighted to work with you to develop a multi-year plan to grow your curriculum development team and capacity over time. Plan ahead with your ESSER funds, so that your focus is on student and educator growth, not on your budget.

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