ESSER Funding and Eduplanet21

Strategically use your school or district’s ESSER funding to make the biggest impact for students

Create Powerful Long-Term Change

Teachers all over the world are modifying their curriculum and instructional plans, taking time to consider the content and skills that are most essential. Collaboration and system-wide thinking will be key as we press forward, creating a need for tools and resources that allow us to continue to create equitable learning experiences for all students.

How Our Solution Fits

Eduplanet21 offers a powerful Curriculum Management software that combines Unit Design, Lesson Planning, and Professional Learning tools. Each of these components work together to help ease the impact of the pandemic on your learning environment. 

Curriculum Design

Collaboratively design and plan your units in the only licensed Understanding by Design software available today. 

Professional Learning

Experience asyncronous professional learning institutes from some of the best names in education.

Lesson Planner

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Collaboratively design and schedule lessons used in the classroom every day

About ESSER Funding

Schools and districts around the nation have recently received ESSER Funding as part of the CARES Act, aimed to support K-12 schools with the impacts of COVID-19. Schools and districts are now considering how to strategically use this funding to make the best long-term impact.

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