Pennsylvania New Teacher Induction: Year 1


Your first year of teaching is a hectic and chaotic time, during which you will have lots of questions on all sorts of topics. The overarching goal of an educator induction program is to provide support for new teachers and educational specialists to ensure a successful experience during the first year of employment and ultimately achieving Instructional II certification. This course is designed to ensure that new teachers meet Commonwealth of Pennsylvania induction requirements by engaging in meaningful activities with their mentors, building administrators, and peers.

  • Explain the purpose and need for teacher induction programs;
  • Identify the roles of a mentor and inductee;
  • Explore activities, guidelines, and requirements for the induction of new teachers; and
  • Explore your responsibilities as a certified professional educator.



Additional information


14 hours


K-12 Educators

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)