UbD – 2 Stage 1: Transfer Goals and Understandings



The focus of Understanding by Design® (UbD) is teaching for understanding and transfer. In this Learning Path, you will explore the different types of learning goals, established goals and transfer goals, and understandings. You will also discover the relationship between understandings and long-term transfer goals.

Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Define and locate established goals;
  • Understand the rationale for identifying long-term transfer goals;
  • Describe the characteristics of long-term transfer goals and understanding goals;
  • Identify long-term transfer goals and understanding goals;
  • Frame desired Understandings in response to SWUT; and
  • Identify Understanding goals when teaching skills.


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Administrators, Educational Specialists, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania), CTLE (New York)


2.5 hours


Jay McTighe

Jay McTighe

Co-author of Understanding by Design, Educational Consultant

Jay has co-authored 14 books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design (UbD) series with Grant Wiggins. As an educational consultant, Jay has made presentations in 47 US states and 19 countries on six continents.