Customizing Structures 6. Anywhere-Anytime Learning


This customizing structure, Anywhere/Anytime learning, is about WHERE and WHEN learners can experience learning.  In this Learning Path you will increase your understanding of a fundamental difference between MCL learning communities and Industrial Age schools.  They prescribe and schedule specific content to be taught, at a specific time, in a specific place, taught by a specific teacher. Whereas, the MCL vision is about creating opportunities and experiences for learners to learn any content, at anytime, at any place, from local and world-wide experts.  This Learning Path is about allowing learners to learn and master specific learning outcomes outside of the schools walls and during the school day. As a result of your study, you will reflect on how you, your learning center, and your learning community are doing and plan your next steps related to the elements of Anywhere/Anytime Learning.


Learning Path Outcomes:

Specifically, in the Anywhere/Anytime Learning Learning Path, you will increase your understanding of:

  • the rationale for creating anywhere/anytime learning opportunites;
  • the prerequisites for creating a model for anywhere/anytime learning;
  • the guidelines for creating a model for anywhere/anytime learning.

Additional information


Administrators, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania), CTLE (New York)


2 hours


Bea McGarvey