CPDLF – Shifting the Mindset Series


Shifting the Mindset, the first series in the MCL Institute, is about the foundational understandings necessary to realize a transformational vision for your learning community.  As such, it is recommended as a prerequisite to all the other series. The Learning Paths in this series will help you to understand WHY it’s necessary to replace the Industrial Age model of schools with MCL’s Information Age vision.  From little steps (changing the words we use) to big strategies (creating a shared vision), the goal of this series is to . . . well . . . to shift the mindset of stakeholders.  That is, shifting from a we’ve-always-done-it-that-way complacency to a shared sense of urgency and realization that this vision is needed and inevitable. 


The 5 Learning Paths in the Shifting the Mindset Series are:

  • The MCL Vision
  • Strategic Design
  • The Research on Motivation
  • Breakthroughs and Paradigm Shifts
  • Enabling Culture