So Just What is MCL…From a Leader’s Perspective


Charles Schwahn is the author of Total Leaders and co-author of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning (MCL). In his first virtual learning path, Charles and co-authors Dr. Patrick Crawford and Jessica Enderson guide Leadership Learners as they identify, articulate, and defend the rationale for the Mass Customized Learning vision as described in Inevitable: MCL, Learning in the Age of Empowerment.


Learning Path Outcomes:
  • The Leadership Learner will describe and defend the four aspects of the Ideal Learning Experience and the two impacts of their learning experiences as they apply to high school.
  • The Leadership Learner will list the (six or more) organizational policies or practices that will ensure the learning community is clearly learner-centered in the high school arena.
  • The Leadership Learner will articulate/describe today’s administratively convenient educational structures in the high school that are not learner-centered and provide a strong rationale for a Mass Customized Learning structure.
  • The Leadership Learner will articulate and describe the organizational structures that allow learner, Lori, to do her MCL learning plan.

Additional information


Administrators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)


3 hours