Viable Learning Outcomes 1. Background Knowledge


In this Learning Path you will acquire a basic understanding of the nature of knowledge and what it means to learn or process knowledge both of which are necessary and foundational to identifying learning outcomes: what we want learners to know, be able to do, and be like. As a result of your study, you will reflect on how you, your learning center, and your learning community are doing and plan your next steps related to the elements of Background Knowledge.


Learning Path Outcomes:

Specifically, in the Background Knowledge Learning Path, you will acquire a foundational understanding of:

  • the two types of knowledge (Declarative and Procedural) and how learning each is distinctly different;
  • a taxonomy of learning comprised of a hierarchy of reasoning processes.

Additional information


Administrators, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Superintendents, Teacher Leaders

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania), CTLE (New York)


2 hours


Bea McGarvey