Fall 2021 Book Study: Giving Students a Say


Discounts are available for NwOESC member districts. See below for details.

This book study begins Monday, October 4, 2021 and ends Friday, December 3, 2021. Full course content for registrants will be available starting October 4th. 

This study qualifies participants for both general education and gifted hours* (there is not a separate gifted study this year). We are pleased to offer this study in advance of the author's (Myron Dueck) professional learning presentation at the NwOESC on February 23, 2022. Register for Myron's upcoming presentation here.


About the Study:

This is a self-paced book study that affords you the comfort of your own space, in your own time, with no substitute plans to prepare. Receive periodic feedback from the course facilitator and interact with other members of the study via message boards and chat features. Invite a colleague to read and complete the study together!

Obtaining the Book:

The book for this study is entitled Giving Students a Say: Smarter Assessment Practices to Empower and Engage by Myron Dueck. Registering for this study grants a user access to the course content only. It is the responsibility of the book study participant to obtain a copy of the book. The book can be purchased anywhere books are sold with ISBN-13: 978-1416629801  or  ISBN-10:1416629807. The NWOESC does not recommend specific sellers nor vet possible free or abridged versions of the book. Consider sharing a book with a colleague taking the same study, or reach out to your district administration to inquire if the cost of the book may be covered as part of district professional development expenses.

Contact Hours & College Credit:

15 Contact Hours are available through this book study. One hour of college credit is available through Ashland University; a one to two-page reflection on the book is required to receive credit. Contact Andy Hunter (ahunter@nwoesc.org) for details. 

Paying for the Study

Districts who accept Gifted Services from the NwOESC:

Districts who accept Gifted Services from the NwOESC are eligible for a full price discount (Please note: discount covers cost of the course content only; it does not cover cost of the book. See "Obtaining the Book" for more information). The following districts who accept Gifted Services from the NwOESC are invited to register using this link in order to receive their discount. Eligible Districts: Ayersville, FairviewHicksvilleHolgateNapoleonNorth CentralPatrick HenryPettisvilleStryker, and Tinora.  Registrations will be monitored.

Member Districts of NwOESC:

Districts who do not accept Gifted Services from the NwOESC, but remain members of the NwOESC are still eligible for $25 OFF the list price. To obtain a coupon code, send an email request to arepp@nwoesc.org. Upon receipt of the coupon code, return to this page to register for the study.


PLEASE NOTE: Registration fees are dependent on your district's service level with the NWOESC and do not include the cost of the book. It is the responsibility of the book study participant to obtain a copy of the book(s). See “Obtaining the Book” for more information. Some districts may cover the cost of registration fee and/or book as part of professional development expenses. Contact your district administrator if out-of-pocket cost is a factor. Lastly, remember that registration will gain you access to content starting October 4th. No refunds will be given to participants who drop the course or do not complete the study by the listed end date of December 3rd, 2021. Course participants will maintain One Year Unlimited Access to the course content.


*This study meets core competencies outlined in Ohio’s Operating Standards for Gifted Education.

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Administrators, Educational Specialists, Gifted Intervention Specialists, Instructional Coaches, K-12 Educators, Paraprofessionals, Teacher Leaders


15 hrs