A Growth Mindset for Teachers, Students, and Parents


This Learning Path explores the two types of mindset, growth and fixed exploring how a growth mindset can help grow intelligence. This Learning Path is a virtual learning experience is designed for educators who are interested in learning about Growth Mindset and its impact on student learning. Through a variety of videos, collaborative discussion, interactive tools, and reflections, participants will gain an understanding of the research that supports the idea of Growth Mindset and explore practices that support and encourage a Growth Mindset.
Learning Path Outcomes: 
  • Explore the concept of mindset, both fixed and growth;
  • Learn about mindset and the brain;
  • Connect growth mindset with teaching practices;
  • Apply the concept of falling forward and learning from mistakes; and
  • Begin to establish a growth mindset partnership with parents.


Additional information


4 hours


Administrators, Educational Specialists, K-12 Educators, Paraprofessionals, Superintendents

Continuing Education Credits

Act 48 (Pennsylvania)