Collaborative Learning Communities

Participate in Virtual Blended Learning Opportunities from Experts in Education

What is a Collaborative Learning Community?

Collaborative Learning Communities (CLCs) are engaging blended workshops that combine virtual sessions from authors and experts in education with our asynchronous PLUS Professional Learning Institutes, giving participants an opportunity to connect with one another and work together to enhance their professional learning.

Live Sessions with Experts

Cohorts will participate in live virtual kick-off and wrap-up sessions with experts in a small-group setting to gain additional insight, ask questions, and learn from their peers.

PLUS Institute Access

Participants will gain access to one of our PLUS Professional Learning Institutes based on the CLC they are participating in, and have the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and the author.

Accelerated Cohorts

All cohorts are six weeks in length to allow for an accelerated learning opportunity without a major time investment.

Top Rated Professional Learning on Your Time

As part of this virtual workshop experience, participants will gain access to:


  • Kick-Off and Wrap Up Sessions with Experts
  • Private Access to the Author’s PLUS Institute
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Promotional Pricing on Future Schoolwide Purchases

Spring 2021 Offerings

The below Collaborative Learning Communities are currently accepting registrations. Space is limited. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Please See Each Workshop Below for Spring Cohort Dates


Allison Rodman

Allison Rodman is the Founder of The Learning Loop, ASCD Faculty Member, and author of Personalized Professional Learning: A Job-Embedded Pathway for Elevating Teacher Voice.

Personalized Professional Learning: From Idea to Innovation
Facilitated by Allison Rodman

In a time when our lives have become more and more personalized – through custom ads, personal shoppers, and movie and book recommendations – our professional learning experiences for educators have not kept pace. In too many districts and schools, teachers continue to participate in one size fits all “sit and get” professional development sessions.

Join ASCD author Allison Rodman to explore innovative practices in professional learning and design more personalized experiences that will leave teachers feeling empowered. In a collaborative learning community (CLC) with other leaders and facilitators, you will work through the first two learning paths of Allison’s Eduplanet21 “Personalized Professional Learning” Institute focused on voice and co-creation through an andragogical lens. As a member of this learning community, you will engage in two live sessions with Allison as well as have the opportunity to pose questions as you learn through Eduplanet21’s global discussion boards. 

Next Cohort: February 3, 2021 – March 17, 2021

Audience: School Leaders

Space is limited.

Krista Leh

Emerging Leader and educational consultant focusing on the cognitive benefits of social-emotional learning.

Social Emotional Learning

Facilitated by Krista Leh

There are many organizations and programs that offer resources to support schools, districts, and states as they assist children and adults in developing Social Emotional Learning competencies and integrating these skills into their learning communities. School leaders may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to effectively implement strategies and practices in their schools so that Social Emotional Learning becomes a sustainable and scalable part of the culture and climate.

This 6-week session will provide educators with an evidence-based framework for developing a comprehensive, K-12 Social Emotional Learning system focused on integrating all five SEL competencies into the physical environment, social interactions, and curriculum. As a participant, you will experience a collaborative learning journey with other educational leaders where best practices are shared, valuable feedback is provided, and ongoing, personalized support is offered by the author.

Next Cohort: February 2, 2021 – March 16, 2021

Audience: School Leaders

Space is limited.

Bena Kallick

Co-author of Habits of Mind: A Developmental Series, and a private educational consultant.

Allison Zmuda

Educational consultant and author of Students at the Center: Personalized Learning & Habits of Mind.

Personalizing to Make Learning More Meaningful and Challenging
Facilitated by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda

How might we design learning that invites student engagement?  Our Habits Personalized Institute offers a map for how to focus on foundational skills, challenging content, and authentic applications while, at the same time, growing the learner’s capacity to self-navigate and stay on course.

This facilitated deep dive will start with a 90-minute launch conversation that provides a map of our first Habits Personalized journey.

  • 16 Habits of Mind: How to coach for thinking dispositions that are needed to make sense of complex problems, challenges, and ideas
  • Four Attributes: How to elevate voice, design opportunities to co-create, seek out and share expertise through social-construction, and regularly reflect on the journey through self-discovery.
  • Personalized Learning Elements: How to leverage key aspects of curriculum unit design to amplify student ownership and responsibility.

You can organize your own journey through the Habits Personalized Institute Learning Paths as you join colleagues as you learn and support one another through discussion boards that are set up exclusively for member participants. Refuel and renew your creativity by connecting with other participants by asking questions, seeking new resources, and engaging.

We will be working alongside you throughout your 6-week journey.  We will cap off our experience with a second session in which we will share highlights and insights from our learning and consider possible ideas and next steps you might want to pursue.

Next Cohort: February 2, 2021 – March 16, 2021

Audience: Teachers and School Leaders

Space is limited.