Boosting Student Motivation Institute

Mike Anderson, Mike Anderson Consulting

About the Institute

In this Institute, Mike Anderson provides a holistic approach to boosting student motivation for all grade levels. This Institute includes four individual courses, each providing practical and engaging opportunities for growth.

About Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson serves as a consultant in schools and districts throughout the US and internationally and is a speaker at national conferences including ASCD, NCTE, Literacy for All, and Learning & the Brain. A prolific writer, Mike has authored eight books. His latest, What We Say and How We Say It Matter hit best-seller status five months after its release. All of his books share two traits: they’re practical and readable–written with curious and busy teachers in mind. You will find the same is true of the Learning Paths in his Institute!

Learning Paths in the Boosting Student Motivation Institute

Boosting Motivation in Your Classroom

In Boosting Motivation in Your Classroom, we focus on supporting all students in their growth and learning. There is an emphasis on Intrinsic Motivation and how to foster this in your classroom. Participants will explore barriers to motivation and the impact of relationships on motivation.

3.5 hours

Teacher Talk Matters

In Teacher Talk Matters, author Mike Anderson explores the importance of teacher language and how what we say impacts student ownership, growth, and motivation. Participants will take a deep dive into the impact of teacher language on learners, understand how positive beliefs influence their learning environment, explore how teacher talk impacts ownership, growth mindset, and motivation, learn language to boost students’ moral reasoning, and set goals and strategies for shifting their teacher talk.

2.5 hours

Boosting Engagement Through Choice

In this Learning Path, Mike explores the importance of student choice and how choice can positively impact student motivation. Participants will understand the benefits of choice, learn the teacher and student processes for implementing student choice, deepen their understanding of establishing an environment where choice can flourish, and walk away with a plan for implementing choice with their students.

3 hours

Planning Student-Driven Research

Planning student-driven research projects is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take as a teacher – and a great way to boost student engagement. In this course, Mike guides you through a step-by-step process for planning research projects for and with your students. Participants will understand the benefits of planning and executing research projects, become familiar with a repeatable process for planning student research, and complete a planning document for a student research project.

3.5 hours

Strategic Planning Session

Your leaders can meet with Mike Anderson for a one-hour virtual session to help kick-start your engagement in the Boosting Student Motivation Institute! Get tips on how to best implement and engage in this professional learning experience.

Teacher Webinar

Your teachers and leaders can meet with Mike Anderson for a one-hour virtual webinar prior to or during your engagement in the Institute. The consultant will help make the content come alive for participants and get them excited to dive into the learning!

Boosting Student Motivation Institute

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