Pennsylvania Compliance Bundle

Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12

About the Bundle

Educators need to complete specific training throughout their employment, from New Teacher Induction to Suicide Awareness. The PA Compliance Bundle provides schools and districts access to many of the required courses for Pennsylvania educators. These titles have been developed by our partner, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, and are reviewed and updated on an annual basis to ensure that they meet PDE requirements. 

Titles in the PA Compliance Bundle

Opioids and Substance Abuse: Addressing the Epidemic

This course will examine drug and substance abuse through a statistical lens as well as through a prevention lens. The participant will explore alarming statistics as well as evidence-based drug prevention strategies and programs that can be used in the search for solutions.

5 hours

PA New Teacher Induction

The first year on the job is usually the toughest — there’s so much to learn! Participation in this course cohort complements an LEA new educator induction program. Engage in meaningful activities with mentors, administrators, and peers. Participation in this course meets the requirements of 15 PDE induction hours.

15 hours

Teaching Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Violations in the Classroom

By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify events that would be considered holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations, build a framework for classroom instruction around holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations, and incorporate holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations into the curriculum and curricular resources.

3 hours

Trauma-Informed Classrooms

This institute is designed to give participants a greater understanding of the definition of trauma-informed classrooms and the research behind the data surrounding them. Topics that are covered include the basic impact of trauma, care and training, understanding trauma, types of trauma, setting up a trauma-informed classroom, preparing for a trauma-informed school, the framework in identifying and addressing traumatic stress, education and awareness, partnerships with families and students, cultural responsiveness, emergency management, staff self-care, and school discipline policies and practices.

3 hours

Understanding Youth Suicide (Act 71)

This course is designed to give participants a greater understanding of youth suicide and prevention. Once complete, participants will be able to identify the factors surrounding youth suicide, define youth suicide and prevention, access your LEA’s Youth Suicide and Prevention Plan, and understand educators’ roles in using prevention and postvention strategies. This course provides the four hours of training every five years for educators required by PA Act 71.

4 hours

Act 13: Educator Effectiveness and the Observation & Practice Framework

This course is designed to provide educators with an understanding of the basics of the PA Department of Education Act 13 Educator Effectiveness process, including examining the classroom teacher expectations of the Danielson’s Framework domains (Domain 1: Planning & Preparation, Domain 2: The Classroom Environment, Domain 3: Instruction, Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities).

5 hours

PA Compliance

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