Personalized Professional Learning Institute

Allison Rodman

About the Institute

In a time when our lives continue to become more personalized – through custom ads, personal shoppers, and movie and book recommendations – our professional learning experiences for educators have not kept pace. In too many districts and schools, teachers continue to participate in one size fits all “sit and get” professional development sessions. In this institute, participants will explore innovative practices in professional learning to design more personalized experiences that empower educators to take a standing role in their own growth.

About Allison Rodman

Allison Rodman is the Founder of The Learning Loop, an educational consulting organization that provides professional learning services to districts, schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses internationally. The Learning Loop designs, facilitates, and coaches professional learning that is personalized, purposeful, and paradigm-shifting. Allison is deeply committed to connecting educators together and sharing resources to personalize the learning process for all (both students and the educators who support them – at every level of the system).

Learning Paths in the Personalized Professional Learning Institute

Personalized Professional Learning 1: Adult Learning and Voice

This first pathway introduces participants to the core concepts of andragogy and personalized learning and examines voice specifically. Participants use research to understand the current state of teacher professional development and the resources allocated to this component of teaching of learning. They develop a foundational knowledge of andragogy, or adult learning principles, to guide the design and facilitation of effective professional learning experiences. Finally, participants explore strategies to integrate teacher “voice” early in the professional learning planning process to build involvement and engagement. 

2 hours

Personalized Professional Learning 2: Co-Creation

This second pathway explores the concept of co-creation. Participants review research about the current state of teacher professional development and the resources allocated to this component of teaching of learning. They learn to incorporate teachers as “co-creators” who help identify the success metrics of professional learning and map out the action plan to achieve desired results.

3 hours

Personalized Professional Learning 3: Social Construction

In this pathway, participants examine social construction and ways we can frame time and space to maximize learner engagement and application. Participants learn to set the stage and craft the learning environment to invite learners into the space and amplify their collaboration opportunities. They consider what it means to be an effective host as a professional learning facilitator, including avoiding logistics, protecting learners, and setting norms for collaboration. Participants practice selecting and integrating protocols into professional learning to intentionally structure collaboration time and increase the application of content and skills. Finally, they harness opportunities to extend the learning loop between sessions by offering learners a variety of options to collaborate and connect in ongoing and meaningful ways.

3 hours

Personalized Professional Learning 4: Self-Discovery

In this pathway, participants look more closely at self-discovery. They understand how to expand professional learning opportunities and re-envision the types of activities we typically consider as “counting” for professional learning. Participants explore book clubs, virtual chats, podcasts, and other structures as vehicles for educator collaboration and growth.

In Development

Strategic Planning Session

Your leaders can meet with Allison Rodman for a one-hour virtual session to help kick-start your engagement in the Personalized Professional Learning Institute! Get tips on how to best implement and engage in this professional learning experience.

Teacher Webinar

Your professional learning leadership team can meet with Allison Rodman for a one-hour virtual webinar prior to or during your engagement in the Institute. Allie will help make the content come alive for participants and get them excited to dive into the learning!

Personalized Professional Learning Institute

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