Rebuilding for Equity and Inclusion Institute

JT Taylor and Basil Marin

About the Institute

The Rebuilding for Equity & Inclusion Institute will take your understanding of equity to the next level. We will focus on strategies and approaches to meeting the unique needs of each student. The Learning Paths in this Institute combine theory and practice to equip educators with confidence and competence.

About JT Taylor

“JT” Taylor is an award-winning educational leader, researcher, author, and national speaker. He has presented at the national conferences of many professional organizations, including ASCD, NCTE, and AMLE. JT has been featured in a WHRO commercial titled “The Teaching Profession” and has presented across the nation at K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. He has won numerous awards throughout his career, including Iota Phi Lambda Emerald Educator, Teacher of the Year at Oscar F. Smith High School, Overall City-Wide Teacher of the Year for Chesapeake Public Schools, and 2019 ASCD Emerging Leader. JT has over 14 years of experience working as a Special Education Teacher, Title I Instructional Coach, and a full-time Educational Consultant.

About Basil Marin

Dr. A. Basil Marin is an administrator, nationally recognized speaker, author, and founder of Equity Elevation, LLC. Dr. Marin brings an authentic and refreshing perspective to the field of education. As an administrator, he works hard to foster equitable opportunities and inclusive learning environments where ALL students and teachers are valued and respected. Dr. Marin works daily to build meaningful relationships with students and desires to be the administrator he needed when he was growing up yet did not have access to. As a former struggling student himself, Dr. Marin is humbled to be able to give back to students who historically have fallen through the cracks of education and have not been given a second chance.

Dr. Marin is an ASCD 2017 Emerging Leader, was appointed as a “featured speaker” at the 2019 Empower Conference in Chicago. Currently, Dr. Marin is the President for the Emerging Leaders ASCD National Affiliate. Dr. Marin is a contributing author in several books including Personal & Authentic, Unconventional Leadership, Modern Mentor, Forces of Influence, 100 things All Teachers Should Stop Doing, and It’s Me.

Learning Paths in the Rebuilding for Equity and Inclusion Institute

Defining Equity

In this Learning Path, participants will learn a concrete definition of equity, understand the need for equitable data analysis of academic and behavioral data and start moving from equity uncertainty to equity action.


3 hours

The ABCs of Equity

In this Learning Path, participants will gain a greater understanding of how trauma impacts the success of students within the school environment and focus on the ABCs of Equity: Access, Beliefs, and Culturally Responsive Teaching. Educators will learn strategies that can be utilized in their school or classroom to create inclusive spaces where all students can thrive.


4 hours

Eliminating Barriers to Student Success

In this Learning Path, participants will explore three barriers to student success. Educators will learn more about Equity Fatigue, Gatekeeping, and Cultural Sensitivity brought to life through reading and personal stories. Participants will reflect on how they are doing in each of these areas and have the opportunity to set meaningful goals in their own practice.

4 hours

Rebuilding for Success

In this Learning Path, participants will focus on three components of successful rebuilding: Courage, Becoming an Equity Warrior and Doing the Heart Work. Participants will gain practical information and strategies they can employ in their learning environment. JT and Basil also wrap up the institute in this Learning Path and ask participants to set rebuilding goals.

4 hours

Equity & Inclusion Institute

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