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Technology and Services to Develop a Meaningful and Engaging Curriculum

Curriculum Planner

Eduplanet21 helps schools address curriculum challenges with an integrated and innovative approach to curriculum management. Our cutting-edge software is modular, allowing our customers to start small and think BIG.

Curriculum Blueprint

Make your published curriculum viewable to all stakeholders, including guiding documents and units of study.

Course Planning

Create a consistent approach to mapping your curriculum, selecting standards and learning objectives at the course level.

Unit Planning

Seamlessly design your units with a simple, guided, collaborative approach.

Lesson Planning

Easily design and schedule your lessons in one place, ensuring that what you are teaching aligns to unit goals.

Professional Learning

Engage in asynchronous Professional Learning with some of the best names in education.

Curriculum Design Supported by Professional Learning

Research suggests that a guaranteed and viable curriculum results in greater student achievement, and that personalized professional learning leads to educator success. We are passionate about providing a platform to support this work and grow our teachers!

Our Partnership with Jay McTighe

Developed with world-renowned author Jay McTighe, Unit Planner was created to guide the curriculum writing process based on the      Understanding by Design® (UbD) framework.

“Eduplanet21 has an analysis tool that is extremely helpful for identifying standards. It doesn’t only help you see where you’ve used it in Stage 1, but it will show you where it has been tagged in Stage 2 and Stage 3. It is certainly a helpful tool, allowing us to manage all of the data, especially when you consider the amount of curricula and number of units our district has.”

Jodi K., Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

“I can’t say enough good things about the progress and innovation that I continue to see with Eduplanet. ” 

Christina H, Instructional Coach

“When I heard about Eduplanet and got the training and really started using it, I realized how much easier it is to use. And how much more sense it made for our district to use Eduplanet.”

Rob F., Director of Curriculum and Instruction

“Now that we have everything in Eduplanet, teachers from one grade level to another can see and make sure that what they are doing follows from the year before and leads into the following year. It has really helped with vertical articulation.”

Glenna L., Head of Lower School

Asynchronous Professional Learning

We’ve partnered with some of the best names in education to offer online Professional Learning Institutes on trending topics for your staff to participate in. Many authors provide an opportunity for a strategic planning session to get you started. 

Our Thought Leadership

Eduplanet21 is strategically led by this team of educational technology professionals and world-renowned authors and experts in education.

Jeff Colosimo

Jeff Colosimo

President + CEO

Bena Kallick

Bena Kallick

Strategic Advisor

Jay McTighe

Jay McTighe

Strategic Advisor

Allison Zmuda

Allison Zmuda

Strategic Advisor

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