Lesson Planner

Build and manage all of your lesson plans in one central location.

Design Engaging Lessons for Your Students

Build and manage all of your lessons in one central location.

Calendar View

Get a snapshot of your lessons for the day, week, or month.

Plan Your Delivery

Determine which of your lessons will be taught online and face to face.

Design Your Way

Flexible lesson planning templates make it easy to plan the way you want!

Pick the Template that Works for You

Build engaging lessons with the lesson planning template you are already using, or use one of the built-in templates.

Align to Standards, Assessments, and Units

Lesson Planner allows you to align the lessons you’ve built to corresponding standards, goals, assessments, and units of study.

See a Calendar View of Your Lessons

Build a calendar view of your lessons, and organize plans by the day, week or month. Quickly see which lessons are being taught face to face and virtually.

Connect Your Lessons to Units of Study

After designing your new lessons in Lesson Planner, link lessons to corresponding units of study in Unit Planner.

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