Macro Curriculum Blueprint

View a blueprint of your overarching learning goals and access reports that inform needed curriculum and instructional adjustments

What is a macro goal?

“Macro Goals” challenge us to ask ourselves the question, “what do we want students to do with their learning in the long run?”  We think of macro goals like we think of the North Star – outcomes that we, as a school or district, are all collectively working towards across subject areas and grade levels. These are generally speaking a set of broader learning goals, 21st century skills, and dispositions (like the Habits of Mind) that students should be demonstrating by the time they graduate.

Develop Schoolwide Goals

Design your overarching, “macro” goals, like long-term transfer goals, understandings, and essential questions.

Build Common Assessments

Build recurring cornerstone performance tasks that engage students in the application of standards-based academic content.

Create Coherence

Check your units for alignment to standards and defined learning goals, and ensure you have  coherence school or districtwide.

Jay McTighe on Macro Design

Jay McTighe, co-author of Understanding by Design, dicusses the concept of Macro Curriculum and why it is so important for schools and districts to develop and utilize.

Align Units to your Macro Goals

Now that you’ve built your macro goals with Eduplanet, see how you can built quality units of study using the Understanding by Design framework that support those macro outcomes!

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