Understanding by Design®

What is Understanding by Design®?

The UbD® framework consists of a three-stage backward design process for curriculum design. One of the fundamentals of a curriculum based on UbD® is alignment. All three stages of a designed unit should align not only to content standards, but also to one another.




Identify Desired Results

Take a look at your goals, examine standards you may want to align to, and review curriculum expectations.

Determine Assessment Evidence

Create assessment evidence that challenges students to demonstrate their learning and aligns to your goals in Stage 1.

Plan Learning Experiences

Design learning experiences for students to focus on the types of learning goals in Stage 1, transfer, meaning-making, and acquisition.

Jay McTighe partners with Eduplanet21

Unit Planner was developed with world-renowned author of Understanding by Design, Jay McTighe. The platform was created to to simplify the curriculum writing process, and to walk you through designing your curriculum according to the Understanding by Design® framework.

To support districts in their use of Understanding by Design, Jay has developed an Understanding by Design® professional learning institute.

Align to Standards and Learning Goals

State, National, and School Level standards are customizable, and available for users in drop down menus. Easily select your goals, and align relevant assessments and lessons.

Ensure Intentional Teaching and Assessing

Our built-in unit alignment check makes it simple to see if you’re intentionally teaching to and assessing for each of your identified standards and learning goals.

Analyze for Gaps and Redundancies

Our advanced analytics engine allows you to determine if standards, content, and other learning outcomes are being covered across all subjects and grade levels.

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