Unit Planner

Blending guided unit design, easy alignment to standards and learning goals, and collaboration features to help educators work together to make data-informed decisions.

Guided Unit Design

Experience a simple, step-by-step approach to curriculum development.

Work Together

Collaboratively develop curriculum alongside other teachers and leaders within your school or district.

Analyze Your Progress

Check your units for alignment to standards and learning goals, and ensure coherence PK-12.

Align to Standards and Learning Goals

State, National, and School Level standards are customizable, and available for users in drop down menus. Easily select your goals, and align relevant assessments and lessons.

Ensure Intentional Teaching and Assessing

Our built-in unit alignment check makes it simple to see if you’re intentionally teaching to and assessing for each of your identified standards and learning goals.

Analyze for Gaps and Redundancies

Our advanced analytics engine allows you to determine if standards, content, and other learning outcomes are being covered across all subjects and grade levels.

Created in Partnership with Jay McTighe

Unit Planner was developed with world-renowned author of Understanding by Design, Jay McTighe. The platform was created to to simplify the curriculum writing process, and to walk you through designing your curriculum according to the Understanding by Design® framework.

“When I heard about Eduplanet and got the training and really started using it, I realized how much easier it is to use. And how much more sense it made for our district to use Eduplanet.”

Rob F.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

“I can’t say enough good things about the progress and innovation that I continue to see with EduPlanet. “

Christina Hess-Haughey

Instructional Coach

Next Level Curriculum Design

Experience our newest module, the Macro Curriculum Blueprint, helping schools and districts to establish a coherent and vertically aligned curriculum.

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