Why Eduplanet21?

Who We Are

The Eduplanet21 platform is designed by educators, for educators. We provide the support and technology needed for schools seeking comprehensive software for planning, designing, and managing curriculum.

Key Features

Here is a list of key features and how we stack up against a few of our competitors.

Focused Solely on Curriculum Management

The Eduplanet21 platform is solely focused on providing a comprehensive approach to curriculum mapping – from Course Management to Unit Design to Lesson Planning.

Standards: Available & Customizable

State, National, and School Level standards are available and customizable for users.

Understanding by Design® Template

Eduplanet21 is the only approved company in the US to use the UbD® 2.0 template in partnership with Jay McTighe.

Embedded Professional Learning

Eduplanet21 offers asynchronous learning from top K-12 experts. Professional learning content is directly connected to Curriculum Design. Educators can learn and apply all in one platform.

Built-In Alignment Check

Eduplanet21’s unit alignment check makes it simple to see if you’re intentionally teaching to and assessing for each of your identified standards and learning goals.

Curriculum Analysis

Eduplanet21’s advanced analytics engine allows you to determine if standards, content, and other learning outcomes are being covered across all subjects and grade levels.

School-Wide Consistent, Viable Curriculum

With Eduplanet21, your team will develop their curriculum in a consistent format, designed for full visibility K-12. Curriculum is housed within the platform, ensuring no loss of development work when educators change roles.

Designated Customer Success Manager

At Eduplanet21, we employ a Customer Success Model, providing each school or district a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Our CSMs customize the implementation plan, provide training and work to ensure that each organization’s specific goals and needs are met.

Single Sign-On

With Eduplanet21, your team can sign in with Google or Office 365.

24 x 7 Support

In addition to your designated CSM, Eduplanet21 has representatives available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you and your team with any questions or issues.

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