Marketplace Builder

Develop and Market Professional Learning Institutes

Effectively support your member schools and districts

Better serve your member schools and districts by developing and marketing asynchronous Professional Learning Institutes to facilitate community-based, collaborative learning opportunities.

Build Your Offerings

Develop meaningful professional learning for educators from top trends to book studies to compliance topics.

Market Your Institutes

Market your professional learning titles to your existing members, customer base and more!

Create New Revenue

Your Institutes will be available in our public Marketplace for learners all over the world to purchase and participate in.

Service Center Members

Depending on the size of your organization and the members that you serve, select the number of seats for your annual membership. These participants can be enrolled in your professional learning at no charge, without going through the Marketplace.

Marketplace Users

There is no limit to the number of seats you can sell in the Marketplace for your professional learning. With guidance from Eduplanet21, you’ll set the price per seat, and can offer a bulk purchase discount.

Discover how Eduplanet21 can help you grow your professional learning offerings.