Institute Builder

Customize and create innovative, personalized, and flexible professional learning for your staff.

What is a Professional Learning Institute?

An Eduplanet21 Institute brings together one or more self-paced courses (learning paths), networking discussions that can be linked across institutes, and interactive resource libraries.

Customize PLUS Institutes!

Plan the Release

Determine how you will release the content in the Institute – all at once or over a course of time.

Add Discussions and/or Resources

Develop personalized discussion questions and/or resource libraries related to the Institute topic.

Build Your Own Institutes!


Develop One or More Learning Paths

Set your learning goals and develop content for participants to work towards that goal.

Add Assets

Incorporate a variety of assets including videos, cohort collaborations, discussions, surveys, and more.

Group and Manage

Create Cohorts

Build cohorts to foster collaboration among peers and develop professional learning communities.

Review Progress

Progress and completion reports allow administrators and facilitators to see levels of engagement in learning.

See Institute Builder in Action!