PLUS Institutes

Learn from the best names in education. These Institutes are ready for you and your team to implement!

What is an "Institute"?

An Eduplanet21 Professional Learning Institute is an integrated collection of self-paced online courses called learning paths, global and local opportunities for networking, and interactive resource libraries that can be customized to meet the needs of your school or district.

PLUS Institutes have been developed with experts in education. When you combine professional learning with curriculum management, you can immediately apply your learning!

PLUS Institute Features

Available for turnkey asynchronous learning;

Customizable content (turn assets off or on, add your own content, resources, and discussions);

Collaboration opportunities for your school or district – create one large cohort or multiple smaller cohorts; and

Easily adapted and integrated for synchronous and hybrid professional learning settings

PLUS Institutes

 Curriculum Management Institute

The Curriculum Management Institute is designed to act as a guide and provide helpful information as you delve into your curriculum journey. The Institute begins with discussing the purpose of curriculum work and how to allow your mission and vision to drive curriculum development at your school or district. As we move further into the institute, our experts will discuss the importance of horizontal and vertical alignment, and how to maximize your use of Eduplanet21’s various curriculum modules. In addition to brand new content from Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, Allison Zmuda and Mike Anderson, participants will access two of our most popular Learning Paths: An Introduction to Differentiation (Carol Tomlinson) and The Big Ideas of Understanding by Design® (Jay McTighe). 

Understanding by Design®

Students succeed when educators start with the end goal in mind. This backward design approach allows educators to create deliberate and focused unit design choice, laying the foundation for Grant Wiggins’ and Jay McTighe’s internationally respected and widely applied Understanding by Design® curriculum-planning framework.

Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind are the attitudes and dispositions that help students become better thinkers and problem solvers who know what to do when the answers are not immediately apparent. Art Costa and Bena Kallick propose 16 habits (such as Listening with Understanding and Empathy, or Persisting) that, when engaged, can build student success in the classroom, in the workplace, and in life.

Differentiation in the Classroom

Together with Carol Ann Tomlinson, participants will explore differentiated instruction by focusing on five key elements: learning environment, curriculum, assessment, instruction and leadership, and management of the differentiated classroom. Participants will think about why differentiation is important and come to better understand what differentiation is.

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