Curriculum Management Institute

About the Institute

The Curriculum Management Institute is designed to act as a guide and provide helpful information as you delve into your curriculum journey. The Institute begins with discussing the purpose of curriculum work and how to allow your mission and vision to drive curriculum development at your school or district. As we move further into the institute, our experts will discuss the importance of horizontal and vertical alignment, and how to maximize your use of Eduplanet21’s various curriculum modules.

This institute is unique in that it approaches key information and reflection from both a leadership lens and from a teacher lens. You’ll hear from experts including Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Allison Zmuda, Mike Anderson, and several Eduplanet21 customers. As an added bonus, we’ve included introductory learning paths from our Differentiation in the Classroom (Carol Tomlinson) and Understanding by Design® (Jay McTighe) Institutes to further support your curriculum work.

Learning Paths in the Curriculum Management Institute

Leaders: Gearing Up for Curriculum Work

In this learning path, curriculum leaders will be challenged to think about how they may lead a mindset shift at their own school/district towards the importance of curriculum and some of the common barriers they may encounter along the way. Our experts will discuss the significance of developing a common understanding and language around curriculum throughout all levels of an organization, and how the support of a dedicated curriculum team can be a helpful asset. Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs also introduces participants to her Four Phase Model of curriculum mapping, beginning with how to create and use a curriculum mission at your school or district. By the end of this learning path, participants will have many helpful resources as they kick-start their journey and lay the foundation for this critical and rewarding work.

3 hours

Teachers: Gearing Up for Curriculum Work

In this learning path, teachers will be encouraged to think about how they approach mindset shifts and how they can positively approach a change in the curriculum planning process at their school/district. Participants will learn about what curriculum is, and be introduced to the Four Phase Model of curriculum mapping with Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs. Teachers will understand their role in Curriculum Mapping, the importance of flexibility in curriculum design, as well as how they can contribute towards their organization’s guaranteed and viable curriculum. By the end of this learning path, teachers will have reflected on their knowledge of curriculum and the role they play and be energized to get started.

2 hours

Aligning Your Curriculum

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Curriculum Planning

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Introduction to Differentiation

In this learning experience, participants will take a deep dive into why differentiated instruction is important and what differentiation is. You’ll think about your own “why” and reflect on this based on stories that author Carol Tomlinson shares. Over the years, Carol has worked with evolving definitions of differentiation, which she will share, along with the definition she uses today. The definitions not only frame an understanding of the scope and intentions of differentiation but can also become guides for thinking about and planning effective differentiation.

3 hours

UbD1: The Big Ideas of Understanding by Design®

In UbD 1 participants will identify and explore the three stages of Understanding by Design®, explore the concept of backward curriculum design, and teaching for understanding and transfer.  

3.5 hours

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